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Why Tuscany

Toscana Promozione Turistica

Why Tuscany

Beauty, art, nature, but also quality accommodation and comfort tailored to suit the needs of tourists in the 21st century. When you talk about tourism in Italy, it’s hard not to think of Tuscany.

This region encompasses the best of what made Italy world famous: stunning art cities, extraordinary views, sun, mountains, sea, but also the thermal springs and baths, well-being, entertainment, sport, local products, fine wines, popular shopping streets and small artisan shops which boast a long tradition.

Every corner of Tuscany offers different sensations and emotions, thus leading to unforgettable experiences, both in the frame of leisure tourism and business tourism.

Art Cities&Towns

Tuscany is a land of artists, academics, scientists and musicians, and possesses over 50% of Italy’s artistic heritage. Giotto, Masaccio, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, and Leonardo and Dante. These are only some of the illustrious figures who were born and lived here, leaving indelible signs throughout the region, as is shown by the 5,000 historical homes in the region. Every town and village in Tuscany has its own basic mosaic of its history, with its roots going back to the dawn of time, from the heritage left behind by the mysterious race of the Etruscans, located throughout the region in over 300 archaeological sites, to the artistic creations of the region, the heart of European art, preserved in 479 museums and thousands of other sites. Tuscany also boasts 198 theatres, 953 public libraries, 800 historical gardens and 4,000 castles and fortifications. This is an immense heritage which can be visited by anyone who is in search of a unique experience.


In the 19th century, Guy de Maupassant wrote, “travel is a sort of door through which one exits reality into an unexplored world that seems like a dream”. Rural Tourism in Tuscany is a bit like that: living the emotions of continuous discoveries, a journey right into the heart of the region, fully appreciating the quality of life, the air, healthy and genuine cuisine, human relations and finding a satisfying and relaxing place in the landscape.

Tuscany has achieved an extraordinary combination of the realities of farming life, which is perfectly suited to the countryside, and quality tourism. The meticulous tourist, who wants to discover the countryside and the tastes and smells of the region, will find this the perfect location.


Spas are the tourism of the new millennium, and Tuscany is the region in Italy with the highest number. There are 39 spas throughout the region, the most notable of which are certainly those in Montecatini and Chianciano. The region also has numerous rich sources of natural elements, from which waters fall down through the rocks, emerging into the light of day and creating natural swimming pools in which to regenerate the body and rediscover the balance between physical form and interior happiness. In these new health centres, traditional cures are used alongside treatment aimed at achieving perfect psycho-physical equilibrium, in line with new trends in the sector.


From relaxation to mundane everyday activities, from natural beauty to the latest fashion shops. The 633 kilometres of Tuscan coastline (191 km of beaches) provide a wide range of choices, able to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists. Versilia and Forte dei Marmi are a must for lovers of the “dolce vita”; the beaches, pine forests and sea are perfect for nature lovers; the Etruscan Coastline is for those who want to mix travel and fantasy; the Tuscan Archipelago, with its rocky shorelines sloping down to the sea provide a multi-colour sunset; the unspoiled sea in the Maremma provides direct contact with nature and wildlife.


By the sweetness of the Siena country roads to the harshness of the archipelago trails, by the enchantment of the beech woods of the Apennines to the quiet of the pine forests of the coast, Tuscany is the promised land for those who love active and outdoor tourism. The varied landscape and mild climate, combined with a maze of footpaths and thousands of kilometers of Strade Bianche and smaller arteries, allow you to take many routes suitable for everyone. The Via Francigena, that crosses the region from north to south, is the backbone of a network of routes that allow you to discover the aspects less known and more authentic a wonderful territory.
Moreover, Tuscany offers a wide range of possibilities for tourists who want an active holiday in the open air: from Golf  to Trekking, going for horse riding and cycling. Without forgetting the extreme sports: from kayaks to parasailing, from diving to the glider, until you get to hydrospeed and wakeboarding.


Art, wellness, nature, good food, shopping and golf for an unforgettable stay full of luxury and relaxation: this is the offer of Tuscany for an exclusive tourism. An offer that makes our region the main destination for luxury tourism in Italy. And this thanks to a network of accommodation at the highest level. A large number of 5 star hotels located in the main cities of the region and in the most exclusive tourist destinations on the coast, to which is added the highest number in Italy luxury vacation homes: exclusive residences that offer the opportunity to stay in a monasteries of the thirteenth century, or in an old mill, up to luxury villas on the coast and in the countryside. To which are added the 65 wine resorts in some of the most prestigious wine areas of Italy.


Tuscany is considered the finest wedding destinations in the world. Catholic, protestant and symbolic ceremonies are possible in churches, palaces, villas and gardens in Tuscany. From the Renaissance grandeur of Florence with its palaces and elegant sprawling squares simply dripping with antiquities will amaze you, to Medieval fortress towns such as Siena, Certaldo, Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, Montalcino and Cortona. Ancient cathedrals, palace wedding halls and turreted castles abound.

If your dream is to plan a wedding in Tuscany’s romantic countryside, the choice of locations and settings is the finest in Italy. Not to be missed is Tuscany’s incredibly stunning coastline; its unique Riviera which at times is rustic and at others sophisticated and elegant. The tiny islands of Elba and Giglio are a delight to discover, perfect for a honeymoon stopover.



With 12,500 receiving structures and more than 300 congress halls of excellent quality, Tuscany is the ideal location for events at a national and international level. In addition to a stimulating environment created by its art, history, culture and gastronomy, the region has all the structures required to welcome the participants of conferences, meetings and congresses or any other event in the so-called meeting industry.

Choosing Tuscany as the location for an event means counting on an efficient and well distributed transport network, a high reception capacity, highly qualified personnel, 31 conference centres located in the main towns and cities, supplemented by a wide range of multi-use installations and complexes and latest generation technology, planned and designed to successfully hold any sort of meeting.

And much more…